Reduce exposure to related information

With the advancement of technology, there are a variety of channels where we can obtain information. When we are faced with many information of different sources and ambiguity , we will inevitably be confused and have negative emotions. If you find yourself adversely affected by the issues, you may consider limiting your daily exposure to the information related to social events, and prevent receiving relevant news continuously and repeatedly to reduce overwhelming emotions. 

Identify unconfirmed rumours

As a large number of participants are involved in a large-scale event, there will be different pieces of information spreading constantly, which may arouse strong feelings of the public. In this case, we can remind ourselves that overreacting does not help to solve problems, while remaining objective and rational helps us stay calm and analyse the authenticity of news properly.

Seek common ground

There are various personal experiences, values and backgrounds for everyone of us, and which lead to different stances and views on events. If you disagree with the people around you, try not to force the others to accept your opinion, let alone negatively label them. When we communicate with the people around us, we should prioritise the interpersonal relationship and put ourselves in their shoes, as well as considering whether it is worthwhile to break the bond with our friends, families or colleagues because of disagreement about a single event.

Leave the scene and calm down

Different people hold different opinions on social issues, and it is often difficult to solve problems satisfactorily in a short period of time. Therefore, we need to be mentally prepared that such social strife is likely to continue for a while. We’d better to be patient and adjust our attitude progressively. When a serious dispute occurs, we may leave the scene and calm ourselves down so as not to hurt each other’s feelings. After calming down, we can clarify that even though we have different political opinions, the relationship will remain unchanged.

Stop and think

When things do not meet our expectations, it is normal for us to feel anxious and angry. We should not make important decisions or take major actions under the influence of any strong emotion. Instead, we should first relieve our negative emotions, such as leaving the environment where our emotions will be affected, focusing on our breathing etc., so that we can properly think and settle before making any decision.

Maintain a regular lifestyle

If you are on high alert for a long time, you will be exhausted easily. To stay psychological healthy, we should maintain a regular lifestyle and have enough rest, as well as participating in relaxing activities and taking a break from social disputes.

Express care

Our family and friends may also encounter difficulties during this period. Even though we may not be able to solve their problems, we can express our care through different ways (such as sending greeting cards and blessings, or praying for them).

Ask for help

If certain negative emotions or psychological reactions (such as insomnia, depression, extreme anxiety, panic and irritability, etc.) continuously deteriorate and even affect your daily life, please seek help from professional parties or appropriate organisations.