Welcome to Disaster Psychosocial Services Website!

Welcome to Disaster Psychosocial Services Website!

In Hong Kong, public awareness of disaster preparedness and emergency response is relatively low. Information is scattered across websites of various government departments or voluntary agencies and rarely includes the disaster psychosocial perspective. We have therefore gathered and compiled available information and useful literature to produce the first website in Hong Kong promoting disaster psychosocial knowledge to the public and to disaster workers.

Here, you can find out how disasters impact us psychologically and learn tips for disaster preparedness, response and recover, for whichever role you may play. You may not know how to react and what to do after disasters so we have prepared information such as how to care for yourself and people around you as well as where to find community resources. You can also see the "Special Topic" section for information and analysis on recent local or overseas disasters and major incidents.

Members of the Disaster Psychosocial Services Team (DPST) in the Hospital Authority can visit the "DPST Corner", which facilitates communication between members, introduces professional resources and features news and photos of the latest activities.

We hope you learn more about disaster psychosocial services through our website and enjoy your visit!

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