Psychological and Psychiatric Services

Disasters may bring about overwhelming and distressing experiences that would affect your mental health. It is normal to have a range of stress reactions afterwards. However, if you have sustaining emotional or mental problems that significantly disrupt your daily life, you may consider using services provided by Clinical Psychologists or Psychiatrists through the referral of social worker or attending doctor. We have compiled a contact list of these two professions below for your reference.

Clinical Psychological Services

Psychiatric Services

Substance Abuse Treatment & Suicide Prevention

Undeniably, disaster brings harm to many people. The kind of traumatic experience may severely affect their mental health and change different aspects of their lives. People have yet found a way to deal with the problems and may resort to tobacco, alcohol or drug. In severe occasions, some may have thoughts of harming themselves and even suicide. Indeed, research has also shown that there is an increase in both the rates of substance abuse [1] and suicide [2] after a disaster. If you have similar problems and need help, please seek immediate support and browse the websites below for more service information.


  • [1] Rate of hospitalizations for substance abuse increased approximately 30% after the disaster (Moise & Ruiz, 2016).
  • [2] Prevalence of suicidal ideation increases from 2.8% to 6.4% and suicide plans increases from 1.0% to 2.5% (Kessler et al., 2008).